Growth and services offered

NBM TECH SRL, thanks to its technological and forward thinking competencies gained through its having been in the field for 25 years, offers its clientele qualified workmen and technicians and complete assistance starting from the creation of designs supplied directly from the client which guarantees the highest degree of quality. At any point in the process, the client can count on the constant assistance of a qualified team available to give assistance at any point in the design or production process, which remains until the final product is delivered. This product is delivered by NBM TECH in its entirety: from the construction of each detail to the painting or treatment such as galvanization, burnishing, anodizing, and micro shot peening carried out by an experienced group of collaborators. If requested, the client can take advantage of an expedited delivery offered by NBM TECH thanks to its gamut of trucks that can carry up to 100 quintals.
We have taken many steps in order to offer our ever-growing services in the past 25 years. We would like to share the most important steps we’ve taken with our clients:

Year 1989

NBM SNC was founded.

Year 2001

Our company is further developed and consequently NBM TECH SRL was founded.

Year 2002

NBM TECH SRL makes an investment to acquire and install its own laser machine and two CNC milling machines and creates a new company which allows the company to best meet the clients’ needs: MECCANOELETTRICA MAGELLANA, a company that also specializes in the electrical and mechanical installation.

Year 2003

NBM TECH SRL grows its portfolio to include various international clients.

Year 2005

The company acquires new machinery and grows its fleet to include bending machines with angle control.

Year 2008

NBM TECH SRL moves to a new company-built work space in Pianvallico in the municipality of Scarperia and San Piero.

Year 2010

NBM TECH SRL invests in renewable energy due to its belief in a wind power plant which was the inspiration for its new project calle “nbm wind”. It also installs photovoltaic panels in both of its company-owned work areas in Pianvallico.

Year 2011

NBM TECH SRL grows its fleet by acquiring a large-size milling cutter and a bending machine.

Year 2012

NBM TECH SRL invests in the construction of a new warehouse to be built right beside the existing one in Pianvallico.