Progettazione e Realizzazione Componenti Meccanici

NBM TECH LTD was founded as a mechanics company developing above all structural metalwork, sheet metal work and precision mechanics especially for businesses working in the textiles, plastic, car fittings and wood sectors and, more recently, the scientific and medical sectors.

Over the years the desire to satisfy our clients' demands has caused a steady growth both in our turnover and our size, in fact we now have a new warehouse of 5000 sqm. Furthermore our constant technological modernisation coupled with major investment in instruments, machines and equipment is the basis of our working practice. Persistent research of new design and construction solutions has enabled us to reach a high standard of quality and reliability in the products we offer. In addition our company is able to offer the client technical assistance from our highly qualified staff. Thanks to our technological assets, enduring experience and staff of 40 we can offer a wide range of products, sheet meal work such as stamping, laser cutting (even of considerable thickness), folding, welding and milling. We work with materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, iron and plastic.

Our News

"Dalla lamiera al prodotto finito" NBM in LAMIERA magazine - September 2016

Our values are reflected in our product line.

Here is a list of our services:

NBM TECH LTD with the the aid of its specialised workers and technicians is able to assist its clients with the design and development of drawings using constantly updated and innovative programmes.

Our competent and helpful team can then follow the client through all the stages of the construction of the mechanical components and all necessary processing and treatment.

NBM TECH LTD offers a COMPLETE PRODUCT, from the structural metalwork to varnishing or treatments such as galvanisation, burnishing, anodization and micro-basting, thanks also to our tried and tested group of suppliers.

The client may also use the express transport services offered by NBM TECH LTD: two heavy tonnage covered vans with a capacity of 1000 kilos.

NBM invests in the future of renewable energy

is also at the forefront of the renewable energy sector. We believe that is extremely important to continuously stay abreast of market demands, reaching high technical avant-garde performance standards is one of our main objectives. It is because of this that we believe it is necessary to have great respect for our environment. And in order to reach these objectives, we have recently invested in order to achieve this synergy: We have two photovoltaic installations, and we have purchased and installed a wind power plant because we truly believe that our actions now are an investment for the future of our business and our lives. The ideals of progress and betterment are at the base of our working philosophy, and it is because of this that we have installed a led lighting system in our large work space in order to care for our environment.

Wind Power Plant

NBM has installed wind energy plants for a total of 55 kw in Firenzuola (FI).

Photovoltaic Plants

NBM has installed photovoltaic plants for a total of 90 kw in its production areas in Scarperia (FI) and San Piero (FI)

NBM TECH believes in the importance of keeping the environment healthy as shown by their investment in these plants. Its hope is that there will be many other such structures in the future.