Work Ethic

NBM TECH LTD ever since its foundation has worked in a market where important companies and groups were already operating. To become successful and establish itself the company has always respected the following principles:

  • FAIR TRADE PRACTICES AND CONSISTENCY in addition to a particular attention to the total satisfaction of our clients with whom we establish a close working relationship.
  • CONSTANT GROWTH of our annual turnover with the result of increased stability of the company.
  • CAREFUL SELECTION and diversification of our clientele.
  • SOBER MARKETING with a non-aggressive style aimed at brand development and consolidation.

In addition to working on a national scale, over the past few years we have also begun working abroad principally with leading companies manufacturing machinery for the textile industry. To date our company has seen expansion in France and Germany. One of our goals is to find valid manufacturers to widen our range, above all on the international market. Our work ethic requires the constant modernisation of technology and equipment and the updating and training of our staff, enabling us to satisfy all the market demands we may meet.

After reviewing and rationalising our structure and organisation, NBM TECH LTD has formed 2 new companies in order to offer a wider range of services and to strengthen production, guaranteeing the client increased efficiency and speed: per questo è nata la Meccanoelettrica Mugellana

Meccanoelettrica Mugellana SRL

Founded in 2001 by the associates of NBM TECH LTD the company MECCANOELETTRICA MUGELLANA LTD works in the sectors of mechanical and electrical components assembly and machine automation, following our own designs or those of the client. The goal of this investment is to strengthen the commitment ofNBM TECH LTD to their clients, offering a constantly growing range of services connected to their work. The experience accumulated in this specific sector combined with the constant modernisation of techniques and technology, trials and experimentation have enabled the establishment of an efficient company at the forefront of the market. Motivation and experience ensure the faultless manufacture of electric, electromagnetic and pneumatic control panels, guaranteeing a high level of quality. MECCANOELETTRICA MUGELLANA offers its own experience and skill in manufacturing both prototypes and series of machines. To date it has manufactured machinery for plastics, rehabilitation, labelling, specialised automation for electricity substation uncoupling, and handling machines in general.


Montaggio componenti meccanici, elettrici ed automazioni di macchinari

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